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Queen’s Road

Location: Peckham, London
Client: Private
Status: Complete 2016

125 Queens Road Peckham is a new 5-storey building that ‘bookends’ a historic façade on a main south London thoroughfare. A deeply personal project for our client, we were briefed to create a series of light and spacious apartments, capturing the panoramic views of London whilst navigating the complex site condition and respecting the clients vision for a unique, considered space.

Bounded on all sides by existing structures, the building seeks to amplify and reflect the detailed history of the site; maintaining within internally exposed brickwork the shadows of previous constructions, complimented by crisp site lines and slab colours. Taken through a hall of vivid glazed bricks mirroring the vibrancy of Peckham’s streets, the residents arrive into generously proportioned living spaces flooded with light by full-height windows. Each of the 3 flats has a distinct identity, whilst a bar + restaurant is set to occupy the ground floor from late 2016, integrating the building with the social life of the street.