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Northwoods, Co. Mayo

Location: Westport, Ireland
Client: Private
Status: Pre planning

This is a small development in the West of Ireland. The proposal replaces an existing over extended bungalow to create an artist’s studio with a flat above and two semi-detached houses. We have drawn on vernacular and local architecture so to retain heritage of the site. It is primarily developed as an Artist’s studio and it is designed to meet the requirements of the artist. The semi-detached houses have a double pitched roof, a change from the traditional one large roof.

The buildings are separated by private open courtyards placed along the party wall and orientated to maximise light. Courtyards also create a sense of openness in the interior spaces, connecting the front to the rear with natural light.  Front of houses are shared, rear of houses more screened and provided the gardens for greater privacy. The proposal utilises local materials but simplify the conventional details to provide durability against the Atlantic weather conditions. The project is currently in pre planning.