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Bridge School

Location: London
Client: Bridge School
Status: Feasibility

The Bridge school is a community special school in Islington, North London. The brief is to design a unique space in the garden that would provide a different environment to the existing school.

The new garden pavilion is to be an experimental space which will create an adaptable outdoor room for the specific needs of the children. The proposed design is a hexagon shape creating zones for different activities, allowing views to different parts of the playground as well as open and closed spaces to interact through a central stepped sandpit area with a large imported tree. The imported tree will compliment the existing tree on site and will create a sense of performance with variety of hanging objects like hammocks and reflective objects becoming the focus of the pavilion.

The aim of the construction is to provide an inspiring, cost effective and sustainable pavilion by using recycled materials that have a tactile and pleasing nature.